JobTarget’s Bloomfield Buzzes About Internet Marketing

Aug 11, 2008

Job board developer JobTarget and eMarketingSilo, a niche job board and recruiting site for the Internet marketing community, have teamed up to focus on bringing together jobseekers and employers in the Internet marketing field.

We recently chatted with Ethan Bloomfield, JobTarget’s VP of Sales Operations, to learn more:

  1. Why is eMarketingSilo partnering with JobTarget? eMarketingSilo originally partnered with Job-A-Matic but found the service lacking many resources. They went searching for a partner who could leverage their resources to help them grow – which they found in JobTarget. JobTarget has an extensive network that allows you to tap resources such as resumes and job postings, while providing customers extensive cross-posting capabilities.
  2. How will this bring together jobseekers and employers in the Internet marketing field? Through marketing the site to professionals in the field, through JobTarget’s OneClick network, and JobTarget’s internal sales team who actively recommends job boards to recruiters and HR professionals.
  3. What is the biggest misconception about JobTarget out there in the industry? I wasn’t honestly aware that there were any misconceptions. In all seriousness, if I had to guess, it would be that “coopetition” is hard. Some folks in the industry have a tough time realizing that in order to continue to grow and be successful companies who traditionally compete, must at times find new and creative ways to work together.
  4. In an interview with Joel Cheesman at ERE Expo, you said “we’re able to come in and do the dirty work…” and “they’re using us to post, these are all exclusives.” What do clients like the best about this service, and what do they like the least? In this interview, we were discussing an emerging aspect of our business in which we serve RAAs (Recruitment Advertising Agencies). The service we are providing allows agencies like Bayard and Graystone to be competitive with other agencies who have built and currently use technology like ours. We are helping these RAAs continue to grow and be successful in a changing environment – one that is steadily abandoning traditional media, like newspapers, for electronic media like job boards.
  5. What sets this apart from the competition? Who do you view as competition, anyhow? I think that the key differentiator between us and our competitors in all of the diverse aspects of our business is that we view each relationship as a true business partnership – eMarketingSilo isn’t a customer at all – they are a business partner and we have a truly symbiotic relationship with them as well as with our 1000+ other partners.
  6. Why should third-party recruiters care about the “career center”? What’s in it for them? The career center is the best site for a third-party recruiter to visit if they are looking to hire the best talent in search engine marketing (SEO/SEM), email, ecommerce, affiliate and social media promotion. It’s headhunter-style sourcing without the headhunter fees!
  7. Tell me more about the “pay-per-use resume bank” — what’s that about? What is the actual cost? It’s a very simple, yet successful model. Job seekers post anonymous resumes. Employers have access to view these resumes for free. If they find a job seeker they are interested in, they send an alert to the job seeker giving the job seeker the ability to review the position. If the job seeker is interested, they can disclose their personal contact information and the employer gets charged for the resume purchase – normally $35. If the job seeker isn’t interested in the job, their personal information is not disclosed and the employer pays nothing.
  8. What else should independent recruiters know? They should know that we have a product called JobTarget OneClick that can save them time and money by managing all of their job postings from one centralized portal. The JobTarget OneClick cross-posting system is designed to simplify the research and job posting process. In addition to the major national sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs, the OneClick network includes thousands of niche, regional, and diversity sites to choose from.