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Oct 6, 2011

This week’s inquiry comes from Sean Kirk:

Jeff, thank you for your column and for your time! I appreciate the motivation you give to recruiters like me with all your advice. I have a few simple questions regarding business forms for new contingent-based permanent placement firms starting up. What standard business forms do you recommend recruiters can’t run their business without? How has the job order form evolved over the years and exactly what information do recruiters need to capture within a one page form? Regarding fee agreements, how has this form evolved over the years and what language must be included to ensure a successful business relationship and collection of service charges?

Any advice or specific examples of business forms would be greatly appreciated and warmly received.  Thanks Jeff!

Sean Kirk

Hi Sean,

Welcome to the most wonderful business on earth! Thanks for reading and learning. Helping people get started and succeed in this remarkably fulfilling way of life is so much fun! That’s what we’re all about.

The stratospheric success in recruiting isn’t done by the use of preprinted forms, the Internet, or any structure that limits intuition. So whatever forms you use, please modify them for ease in your specific activity – with your unique emphasis on what you consider important to close deals.

The use of preprinted contracts, fee agreements, and other legal documents can be incredibly expensive. That’s because none of them – even ours – can anticipate changes in the statutes, cases, and administrative rulings that our federal, state, and local governments inflict on recruiters.

That’s why I monitor these documents so closely and notify clients about the changes at no charge. Without this feature, you risk having an unenforceable and possibly even unlawful contract. Considering that the purpose of these agreements is to protect your livelihood in the first place, saving a few dollars now is shortchanging yourself later. When you least expect it, and without even knowing you were doing it.

But I can really help you and the rest of the placement planet people with writing the perfect job order. In fact, that’s the title of Chapter 19 in The Placement Strategy Handbook – “Writing The Perfect Job Order.” It includes our famous 60-question Job Order Questionnaire.

The Questionnaire is too long to include in a JOC column, and I’m afraid someone won’t spring for the $32.50 for the book that has helped more recruiters make more placements than any other. So I’ll just have to give it to you.

To open this gift,

  1. Go to
  2. Click the red JEFF’S ON CALL! button.
  3. Type Perfect Job Order Questionnaire in the Subject field.
  4. Click Send.

I’ll reply with the Questionnaire.

The Placement Strategy Handbook is filled with the forms, techniques, and information that the most successful recruiters use every day. The PSH continues to outsell all other recruiting aids combined because it contains all of the forms, tips, and information necessary to make placements. It is available for $32.50 online at You can also download the order form and fax it to Search Research Institute at (310) 559-6006.


  1. Go to
  2. Click each of the four Placement Law Quizzes on the bottom row (The Placement Fee Collection Quiz, The Trade Secrets Law Quiz, The Placement Manager’s Law Quiz, and The Placement Law Language Quiz).
  3. Take each of the four Quizzes.
  4. Click the Answers to Placement Law Quizzes button at the end of the bottom row.
  5. Grade yourself.

There you have it Sean.

Best wishes for every success!


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