It’s a GoodTime for More Recruiting Technology Startups

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Sep 30, 2016

You know what’s crazy? The companies below are just a fraction of the new companies in the recruiting-technology field I’ve been in touch with the last couple weeks. Read on.

  • HRx, out of Vancouver, uses “the ‘blind application’ concept to remove any information that could lead to discrimination against a candidate.” Companies don’t see a person’s name, gender, and age at the outset of the job-matching process. Roughly in the same genre: Blendoor.
  • GoodTime says its interview-scheduling software, launching today, is way faster than what applicant tracking systems offer. The founder tells me it is “backed by Alchemist accelerator and angels from Facebook, Twitter, and Tripit.”
  • It’s not brand new, but I’ve been chatting a bit with a company called LineHire, and I haven’t talked about it a ton on these pages, so I thought I’d mention it. Explained here, the company has 800 talent scouts prescreening/vetting candidates. It’s working on sales, trucking, health, logistics, retail, and other jobs, and scouts are getting paid even when someone is just interviewed by a hiring manager. LineHire’s Chuck Solomon says of third-party recruiting agencies, “they don’t really like us.”
  • says it “applies data science at the very beginning of the recruitment funnel.” It parses resumes and compares them to job descriptions. (See the products page for more.)
  • John Reagan recently headed to Las Vegas, is settling into some simple office space there, taking advantage of the lower cost of living as well as some possibilities for investors in the area. He’s working on a recruiter-scoring website for candidates to rank recruiters. He says that there are maybe 10 sites like this already around, but some don’t really capture the uniqueness of recruiting, others are more about companies than recruiters, and others “are just kind of there,” he says. He has studied game theory to help build the site, which he wants to focus less on bashing and more to promote positive behavior for lower-ranked recruiters. He’s looking for tech help; a launch is likely months away.
  • You might know Sean Rehder. The recruiting long-timer is doing a little side project, a university recruiting one, where he’s compiling information on team captains of college sports teams. Perhaps, it’ll be a future sourcing tool. His next target: journalism majors, who he thinks would be good social-media content creators for companies.
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