Is Higher Education Failing Employers and New Hires?

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Nov 17, 2023

Is higher education failing employers and new hires? New research shows that nearly half of graduates feel unprepared for the workforce. Only 25% say that higher education prepared them for their roles. (Go1)

Inside the strange, secretive rise of the “overemployed.” Do your candidates intend on holding multiple jobs without you knowing? Does it matter if they perform satisfactorily? (Business Insider)

Could AI be damaging your recruitment and retention rates? AI can be especially damaging to employer brand, say some talent acquisition experts. There are, however, ways to prepare candidates for AI use in hiring. (Human Resources Director)

Retailers are rethinking their self-checkout technology. There’s been a growing backlash against self-checkout, and some companies are now considering bringing back humans to improve customers’ shopping experience. (CNN)

Are higher or stable retention rates a sign of disengagement? Companies inherently strive for greater retention, but employees stay for a host of reasons. And let’s just say that those reasons don’t necessarily imply passion for the work. (HR Executive)

Check out these examples of companies that are elevating internal mobility. As many organizations continue to struggle to find ways to improve internal recruiting, NBCUniversal and Schneider Electric offer examples of how to go about it effectively. (LinkedIn)

Massachusetts ponders a four-day workweek. California and Pennsylvania are two other states mulling this over. Meanwhile, a few school districts across the country have already done this in an effort to retain teachers. (HR Dive)

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