Is AI Making Life Easier For Recruiters?

This week's roundup includes the latest AI recruiting news and trending recruitment strategies.

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Mar 12, 2024

How AI can make life easier for HR teams: 4 critical matters to consider.  Is AI making life easier for folks in HR and recruiting? HRMorning talks about how AI can make our lives easier in HR. It explains how AI helps streamline recruiting and evaluation processes and tackles employee burnout and attrition. AI is already being used to automate tasks, identify struggling employees, and prevent them from leaving, which really sounds like HR can be replaced. The article highlights the importance of balancing technology and human involvement in HR processes for optimal results (HRMorning)

Paradox Promotes Industry Leader Adam Godson to CEO. This is exciting news in the world of Conversational AI! Paradox, a leading innovator in HR Tech, has just announced the promotion of Adam Godson to the CEO role. Adam was previously President and Chief Product Officer, pivotal in Paradox’s success. Their AI technology transforms HR and recruiting processes for companies like McDonald’s, Nestlé, CVS Health, General Motors, and Marriott International. Cheers to a bright future ahead for Paradox under Adam Godson’s leadership! (PR Newswire)

The 2024 Fortune Best Workplaces are poised to recruit talent, regardless of industry. The 2024 Fortune Best Workplaces that Excel at Attracting Talent across Industries is a long article. I’ll sum it up for you. It talks about specific workplaces recognized for recruiting top talent, adapting to changes, and tackling global challenges, thus making it on the list.

Also, a nice little plug for Glassdoor’s 2024 list of the “Best Places to Work” emphasizes employee satisfaction, like flexibility, transparency, and career growth opportunities that keep employees happy and dedicated. (The Tech Edvocate)

Common Questions About Healthcare Recruitment Strategies.  The article “5 Common Questions About Healthcare Recruitment Strategies” discusses essential questions related to healthcare recruitment strategies. It covers topics such as attracting top talent in the healthcare industry, developing and implementing recruitment plans, filling roles quickly and efficiently, and handling difficult conversations with candidates. The piece emphasizes the importance of understanding the industry, staying updated on trends, and showcasing one’s ability to attract quality candidates effectively (Programming Insider)

How virtual reality and augmented reality impact employer branding. The article discusses how virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are changing employer branding. They mention that these technologies make it more engaging for companies to attract and keep talent. Using VR, companies can create immersive experiences that help recruit, retain, and showcase company culture. (Firstpost)

What Makes A ‘Quality Hire’ In 2024—And Do You Make The Grade? This article covers the importance of quality hires in today’s competitive job market influenced by AI and changing skill demands. Employers are now focusing on finding candidates who can make significant contributions rather than just filling positions quickly. The definition of a ‘quality hire’ is evolving due to new technologies, emphasizing the need for candidates with essential human skills and organizations to be ‘quality employers’ to attract top talent. Overall, the article highlights the shift towards prioritizing quality over speed in the hiring process and the importance of retention and engagement in building a solid workforce. (Forbes)

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