Implementation Is the Key To Success

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Feb 6, 2013

Dear Barb:

I recently read one of your articles where you said “Implementation is the key to success, not new ideas or techniques.” Will you clarify what you meant by this? I attended the Fordyce Forum (in June 2012) and attend other conferences for the sole purpose of learning new ideas to help my business. As a trainer, I’m surprised you do not see the value of learning new techniques. I think the key to success is constant learning.

Dianne T., Dallas, TX

Dear Dianne:

You are 100% correct when you stress the importance of constant learning. My article was stressing the difference between a professional student and someone who actually implements what they learn.

It takes determination and discipline to change the way you work your desk, or run your business. I hear all the time that education is power. I believe the power is in the implementation of what you learn to improve your success. A new idea must be implemented for 21 working days to become a new habit. Ask yourself, “What two new techniques have I implemented, since returning from the Fordyce Forum in early June?”

It’s easy to get motivated and inspired when you attend a live event. The real challenge is implementing new ideas repetitively when you return to your office. It is much easier to return to your comfort zone and old habits.

I commend your commitment to learning, I would challenge you to implement one new idea each month to obtain a guaranteed return on your investment!

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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