iMomentous Has a New Name

Sep 9, 2015

The name-change parade continues as a key supplier of mobile-recruiting services for about 70 employers takes on a new monicker: Phenom People.

Like so many name-changes, this one’s partly to send a message that the company’s not doing what it was originally known for. It’s now moving into the “talent relationship marketing” business, as opposed to just being a mobile-recruiting vendor.

Its talent relationship marketing platform includes a number of things. Phenom’s touting its “predictive intelligence,” saying it can look at the “reach, behavior, and engagement data from every candidate touch point including social networks, job boards, web searches, and talent hubs.”

The result, it’s saying, is better matches to jobs, something it calls its “talent graph.”

There’s also something called “Phenom Pro” where customers will view analytics showing what messaging is working and what’s not and thus better target candidates (by, for example, altering one’s career site). A “Phenom Market” program will be for content distribution and advertising. An “Exchange” helps link the Phenom products to applicant tracking systems and social networks.