If You Ever Wanted To Be In Pictures, Here’s Your Chance

Jul 12, 2013
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The recruiterAre you a rockstar recruiter? Can you sell a Facebook developer on a future with My Space? Or charm an NSA gatekeeper out of a list of cryptanalysts with top secret clearances?

You might have a shot at an appearance on Top Recruiter. (Assuming the FBI doesn’t get you for that little bit of NSA rusing.) The job req isn’t at all detailed. But anyone who has watched the online-only show will immediately see that it helps to be attractive, talk in clever sound-bites, and pretend you’re only goal in life is to help the jobless get work.

If you’re one of the recruiters picked for this reality video series, you’ll face season 2 challenges utterly unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before. In episode 8, last year’s Fab Five (yes, I did steal that) had to walk up to complete strangers and interest them in a job in 10 minutes or less. (Oh seriously! You didn’t think there’s anything remotely real about any reality TV, now did you? Just check out the openings where you see our top recruiters stepping out of private jets and expensive sports cars.)

But talk about branding! And fun. You dress glamorously, roam the streets of Miami, and get treated like the rockstar you know you are. All you have to do is apply here. And include your best professional head shot. Resume not required. And don’t give a second thought to that whole Headhuntress thing.

The World’s Oldest Temp

This week’s video treat (I AM still stuck on the whole TV thing) comes to us from Britain. There works Jim Clements, an office clerk with Active Security Group, who started temping there when his wife got tired of having him under foot at home. Thirty-four years later, the centenarian is still there and hold the record as the U.K. oldest temp and possibly the oldest temp in the world.

This article is part of a series called Videos.
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