I Was Sick Of Hearing About LinkedIn, So I Joined . . .

Aug 1, 2007 has hired my good friend Steve Sordello, previously CFO at Tivo and AskJeeves. They also just added VP of Marketing Patrick Crane, from Yahoo. Look for a huge LinkedIn public relations push and an IPO in the very near future.

LinkedIn is a headhunter’s best friend as a business tool for finding people at all levels. How can you capitalize on LinkedIn’s 11 million users and the growth upcoming? First join LinkedIn at Next connect yourself with LinkedIn hubs (users with large numbers of connections). For example, I’m happy to connect with you. To connect with me directly on LinkedIn, send me a LinkedIn invitation. My email is

As of this writing, I have 5,663 direct connections, those 5,663 connections have 765,000 connections, and those 765,000 connections have 5,171,200 connections, and those people are connected to the 11 million users on LinkedIn. All searchable by title, industry, and location. My headhunter friends, what more do we want?

I know that some people were reluctant to join LinkedIn. I was very reluctant at first. But after getting 10 of those pesky “Join my network on LinkedIn” emails, I finally joined and I’m glad I did. LinkedIn is one of my favorite business tools.

My mentor in the public speaking business, Les Brown, says that public speaking is a little bit like this: “Joe, imagine that you see a friend and he sees you. But he doesn’t see the bus coming behind him and it’s about to hit him! Joe, you have to speak (or write in this case) in a way to reach your friend with your words, or else!!!”

If you are not on LinkedIn yet – HONK, HONK, get out of the road, get on the bus, and send me a LinkedIn invite. I look forward to connecting with you.

Joe Pelayo is a true self-made man. He began in the recruiting business in 1986 at the ripe old age of 17, when he says he “found every way to fail in the recruiting business.” After finally finding success with two recruiting firms, he started his own in 1990. As CEO of Joseph Michaels, Inc., Joe works an active desk recruiting CFOs and related financial and accounting executives. He is a longtime member of the Pinnacle Society, an organization consisting of 75 of the top recruiters in the United States.

Joe is also author of the new book Work Your Network! which has received excellent reviews from Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and industry leaders, speakers, and trainers, including Terry Petra, Bill Radin, Paul Hawkinson, and others. He writes a monthly newsletter, “The Network,” sent to 50,000 executives and is the author of several motivational DVD training programs, including the soon-to-be-released training system 21 Ways to Increase Your Billings!

Joe is past president of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization, a group of million-dollar-business owners under age 40. Joe is available for speaking and training recruiters worldwide. He can be reached through email at His website is

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