‘I Want to Leave Diversity and Inclusion Work.’

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Jan 5, 2022
This article is part of a series called Happening on TLNT.

“In September 2012, I first said the words out loud. I was sitting on a wooden bench, drinking with a friend at one of Albuquerque’s newer breweries, enjoying the crisp autumn air. I was startled to hear my own voice expose my secret: ‘I want to leave diversity and inclusion work.'”

So begins a story told by now-former D&I consultant Susana Rinderle. First published on ERE’s sister site for HR pros,, the article details why Rinderle made the decision to leave a field to which she devoted much of her professional — and personal — life.

One of the article’s more interesting parts is when Rinderle contrasts burnout with no longer feeling “fit for duty.” Her examination should cause us all to ponder whether we, too, are burned out at times? Or are we in the wrong roles?

Rinderle’s tale is.candid, raw, and powerful. I urge you to give it a read.

‘I’m Not Burned Out. I’m No Longer Fit to Work in D&I.’

This article is part of a series called Happening on TLNT.
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