I Overheard It at the Fall 2015 ERE Recruiting Conference in Atlanta

Oct 27, 2015

A little buzz from the exhibit hall at the ERE conference in Atlanta, in the hallways, and elsewhere this week from around the recruiting world:

  • ATS companies sign new customers left and right, so it’s not always news when one company loses one and another company gains another. Having said that, keep your eyes on Lever. I’m told (you heard it here first) that Lever’s bringing on two key customers: Netflix, which had been using a homegrown system and is clearly admired for its progressive HR/recruiting, and later this year Eventbrite, home of Michael Bailen, of What? No Job Postings? fame while at Zappos.
  • Speaking of big-name companies: iCims says it’s got a big-name customer of its own working on installing its system: Uber. And Avature’s still on cloud 9 about L’Oreal going live with its system in 66 countries.
  • Competitor Jobvite says its Net Promoter Score is up 122 percent and rising, and “customer satisfaction surveys with perfect scores are up over 30 percent since last year.”
  • Tesla is opening up stores all over and when it does so, it wants people on a dime (sometimes using FirstJob to source). It’s less concerned about candidates’ major, experience, yada yada yada, and more focused on customer service skills, passion for Tesla, and people’s ability to sell (and it once hired an ex-Broadway singer to sell).
  • Cargill is sourcing in a way that a lot of companies have talked about, but not as many do. It’s using candidates’ references (its vendor Checkster tells me) as potential candidates themselves; you’re talking about a large pool of potential candidates if, say, each of three finalists had five references.
  • The company formerly known as iMomentous continues to expand beyond its mobile-provider history, now doing a lot of work on Deloitte’s careersite. This places iMomentous as a competitor of the recruitment ad agencies, not just the mobile-recruiting suppliers.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear more soon about a company you probably haven’t heard a lick about so far. gr8 People is staffed by a groups of folks who came from VirtualEdge, like Jack Coapman. (VirtualEdge is an applicant tracking system that became part of ADP.) gr8 People has been spending a lot of time selling to RPOs, but is now going to also focus on selling a full-service, sourcing-pipelining-hiring-onboarding system to the corporate market.