HR Dissatisfied With Talent Acquisition Efforts

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Jan 12, 2024

HR is not satisfied with talent acquisition efforts. Uh-oh, here we go again. The perennial conflict between HR and TA rears its head once more in a new report. New findings indicate that about a quarter of HR pros were dissatisfied with TA efforts in 2023. That’s a 212% increase from the prior year. (Symphony Talent)

Job ads with wide pay ranges can deter applicants. A new study shows that job seekers react negatively to job post with broad salary ranges, especially when accompanied by a statement that pay would depend on one’s qualifications. People reacted better to a qualifier that included factors like geography. (WSU Insider)

Recruiters say their job got a little easier in 2023. Is that really true? Some research says yes, but as with everything, there is context to consider. Company size, industry, and job type play a gue role in determining people’s answers. Don’t they always? (SHRM)

Why did Indeed kill its pay-per-application model? “After a year of re-explaining and re-clarifying its pay-per-application model,” this article on HR Dive points, “Indeed told its clients in December that it would discontinue the payment scheme — perhaps showcasing that, at least for now, the recruiting world may not be ready for it.” (HR Dive)

Are we witnessing the death of diversity, equity, and inclusion? A provocative question from the ever-provocative Tim Sackett. In a recent bog post, Tim references the ongoing cuts to DEI budgets. He argues that perhaps such slashes might have something to do with the function not entirely proving its ROI. (Tim Sackett)

Big Tech layoffs shattered industry and worker confidence. About half a million job cuts in the tech sector were announced over the past two years. All of which “psychologically unsettled” execs. (Axios)

Is LinkedIn the hottest new dating site? Increasingly, people are using professional networking platform to find dates, sex, and relationships. But hey, as this article asks, “What could possibly go wrong?” (Business Insider)

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