Nov 9, 2012

Here’s a riddle for everyone looking to make a hire or get a date for Saturday night: How is Sadie Hawkins Day like recruiting?

Give up? Really?? This is an easy one! Both of you get to court the object of your desire.

Sadie Hawkins Day is “celebrated” on the first Saturday after November 9, which of course, is tomorrow. According to tradition — a tradition that evolved from a comic strip back in 1937 — Sadie Hawkins is the day when girls could ask boys out on a date and they pretty much had to accept. Back in pre-war America, that sort of thing just didn’t happen. But it caught on fast, after cartoonist Al Capp inked the first Sadie Hawkins Day race in his L’il Abner strip.

Get the connection? Back in 1937, workers answered newspaper ads, showed up at hiring halls, or got a job through connections, often family. There were military recruiting stations, and employment agencies, but they charged the job-seeker. Recruiting, as it is practiced today, was all but unknown 75 years ago.

Reaching out to a candidate had the same social status as girls asking out boys. Now, everybody’s asking everybody and IT professionals are hanging up on everyone.

This Explains Your Turnover

The folks at have a little video that explains everything about why the turnover rate for physicians is rising. They say they take their work seriously, but “we also get the importance of not taking ourselves too seriously. So we thought we’d entertain the people we value most.”

Until I read that, I thought this video was a documentary.

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