How Recruiters Can Benefit From Reddit

Aug 5, 2015
This article is part of a series called Tips & Tricks.

Reddit.jpgFishing out talent has never been easy, and with ruthless sourcing by employers from job communities on social media it has become even more competitive. But, one of the most fun and useful platforms of them all is the less-traveled road of Reddit.

Here are some know-hows before you plunge in.

Learn the Laws of the Land First

The common mistake most sourcers make while submitting content is that they treat Reddit like any other social-networking website. This tends to draw a lot of flak. It happens because Reddit has its own culture and standard of reaction.

Reddit is a discussion board and link-sharing network where users submit content they find compelling to topic-specific pages called subreddits. Reddit has over 350,000 subreddits to choose from, and each subreddit is governed by a set of moderators. Going through these subreddits is not similar to visiting a news aggregator. You need to be aware of its content ecosystem.

When you skim through a subreddit, remember to check out the top submissions of all time and read the comments in those submissions. This will help you learn how this specific community communicates and shares content. Surprisingly, there are some Reddit etiquettes, informally called Reddiquettes, that redditors expect you to abide by. Reddit FAQ is also a great way to familiarise yourself with its functioning.

Prepare For Your Exam

Before submitting a job post on Reddit, preparation is very important. First, determine your target audience and accordingly decide the subreddit in which you will submit your job post. Your job post must be formatted in relevance to the reddiquette of the subreddit and also follow its rules.

Be very specific and detailed in your post. The job post must include relevant information about the company; the role and responsibilities that will be assigned; the qualifications required for the role; the location of the job; and finally the pay.

A post gets democratically upvoted or downvoted according to its content and reception. If your post is not formatted properly, your advertisement can backfire.

Know Your Co-Redditors

Unlike other popular social media websites, Reddit allows recruiters to interact with the community. This can be very advantageous for sourcers as it will allow them to get feedback and improve their posts as well. But, there are some tips you should keep in mind before knowing your co-redditors.

Reddit is the cynosure of all programmers, technologists, and designers out there. And these redditors consider themselves as the discerning consumers. Hence, they can smell spam or an ad gimmick from a mile away. These smart redditors will accurately fact-check whatever you say. So, don’t lie to them and avoid shameless advertising as well. Additionally, be aware of the lingo, because redditors use a variety of acronyms, which they expect you to be familiar with.

Be sincere by adding content value to the internet community when cashing in on Reddit. That’s all what redditors want. So, craft your recruiting ad the right way and exploit this “Front Page of the Internet.”

This article is part of a series called Tips & Tricks.
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