How Do Your Candidates View You?

Dec 27, 2010

Lots of attention is paid to good client relationship development, but how much time do you spend working on how you are perceived by your current and potential candidates?

Yes, it is important (arguably more important) to work more on those client relationships, because the clients are the ones who pay the bills. But since candidates are your “product,” and the only “product” in existence that has opinions and typically isn’t afraid to share them, making sure you are seen in a good light by your candidates is also quite important.

Katy Keogh, Principal of Winter Wyman’s New York Accounting & Finance Contract Jobs division, recently published a brief post on Career Rocketeer geared toward candidates called 7 Questions to Consider When Evaluating Your Recruiter. She said, “Candidates should have confidence in their job search. Feeling comfortable with your recruiter shouldn’t be a 50-50 thing. You need 100% commitment and your recruiter needs that as well.”

While many may (rightfully) say that you cannot spend a lot of time with candidates you can’t help, there is also the issue of perception. Take a look at the questions that Keogh presents to candidates and consider how you would measure up:

  1. Did the recruiter really get to know my background? Did they ask specific questions regarding my job experience, salary history, and reason for movement in my career?
  2. Did the recruiter set expectations for working together?
  3. How long is it between our first conversation and our next?
  4. How often is the recruiter checking in with me?
  5. Does the recruiter send my resume to clients without speaking to me first?
  6. Does the recruiter call me for positions that are in line with my career goals? If not, did the recruiter ask me my career goals?
  7. Does the recruiter regularly fill jobs in my industry?

How did you do? Be honest.

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