How a Follow-Up Call Earned $30,000

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Jan 28, 2015
Note: Jeff Allen wrote about a new service called Fee Catcher that will track your sendouts and notify you if and when they are hired by your client. Read his article “Here’s How To Get Fees You Didn’t Expect” to learn more.

Dear Barb:

I heard you speak not long ago and loved your straightforward approach to our business. I’ve already made my money back by using your sendout hot sheet, and calling clients where we had sent our candidates.

Last week we surfaced two placements made behind our back, which totaled over $30,000 in fees. We contacted the hiring authorities, and in both instances verified information and sent an invoice. I could not remember the time frame for the second contact you suggested. Your wrap up session at CSP was the best session of the conference and showed me exactly what to do when I returned to my office.

Jim,  Southern California.

Dear Jim:

So glad to hear you uncovered over $30,000 in fees. I don’t think most owners realize how many deals are being made behind their backs, often inadvertently. It is for this reason that I don’t advocate sending resumes with contact information. The telephone number listed on resumes should be your telephone number, and your company name should be stamped all over the resume, submittal form, etc.

Most guarantees state that if your candidate is hired within 12 months of an interview (for that job or any other position) the client owes you a fee. I can’t tell you the times that a recruiter, manager or owner calls a client company and ends up talking to one of their candidates.

I believe in calling the company 90 days after your sendout was scheduled and then again eight months later, which would be the eleventh month after the sendout. Often your candidate’s resume was entered into a database, and they are not tracked back to you. This follow-up process will guarantee that you are paid for candidates you refer.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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