Holding Staff Accountable Is Your Job

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Apr 9, 2014

Dear Barb:

How can I hold my team accountable to hit their goals? We set goals, but no one in my office takes them seriously. I would think that their commissions would be motivation enough because I don’t pay a substantial base salary. If I fired everyone who isn’t hitting their numbers, I’d end up firing all but two employees. I know you believe in holding people accountable, but I don’t know that it’s realistic. Any advice would be appreciated.

Debby L.
Orlando, FL

 Dear Debby:

If you don’t hold your sales team accountable you are jeopardizing your business. You are not in business to provide jobs for the people who work for you. You are in business to generate profits. It would be interesting to talk to the two people who are producing for you. They are probably wondering why they are “carrying” your business and why you are not doing something to hold their co-workers accountable.

Each desk is a profit or loss center. You need to manage your business by numbers vs. emotion. Look at the individual stats for each of the members of your sales team. Tell them exactly what results they need to produce each day. How many interviews, sendouts, job orders, presentations, etc. Hold them accountable daily to hit their results. Pay special attention to the number of sendouts booked, which is the most important number.

If someone is not hitting their numbers, they should be put on probation with a plan of action that you provide. You then need to meet with them daily to coach them throughout the probation period. You may have some employees who have “quit and stayed” and those employees can literally destroy the morale of your office.

Your job as the owner of a business is to make tough decisions. Who you have on your team will make or break you!

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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