High Tech Doesn’t Replace the Personal Touch

Aug 5, 2015
This article is part of a series called Ask Barb.

Dear Barb:

I’ve only been a recruiter for six months, and don’t understand the old school ways of my manager. I don’t have to talk to people, when I can email or text them faster. He doesn’t understand the time it takes for me to connect with people on social Ask Barbmedia and keeps telling me to pick up the phone. I’ve made two placements which I think is pretty good considering this is my first job. I know you have a lot of experience too, and was hoping you could tell me how to approach someone of your generation. From reading your column you seem to value technology. My owner owns a Blackberry.

Kaitlin P, Santa Monica, CA

Computers Don’t Make Placements, People Do

Dear Kaitlin:

You were correct that I do embrace technology and feel it helps us work more efficiently. It has also given us access to a wealth of information at our fingertips. I also think it’s important to understand how to manage email, fully utilize your ATS and surface talent through networking and social media.

I am however, in full agreement with your owner that computers don’t make placements, people do. You must learn to balance your time between high tech and high touch. Two placements in your first six months is not considered even average.

You must realize recruiting is, has been, and always will be a relationship-building business. Even people who date online eventually have to meet. To keep the relationships strong you must also be able to provide results. You learn much more in an actual conversation than you do through a text or email. You should utilize all means of communication, including telephone conversations.

Research and planning out your day should be completed in non-prime time hours. This is a career, not a job, and, especially early in your career, requires a strong time commitment if you want to attain high levels of production. Meet your owner halfway by combining technology with actual conversations and you will be more successful.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

This article is part of a series called Ask Barb.
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