Here’s How To Get Fees You Didn’t Expect

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Sep 22, 2014

Fee Catcher home pageIt’s not that the Internet could ever replace you.

It’s that the Internet is like this huge, unattended, 24-hour candy superstore – fully stocked with candy-dates. Sweet-toothed “clients” skate through the aisles, tasting the free samples. Then, they just help themselves to the ones they like best. Sugar-highed, they skate right out the back door.  Ergo, “back-door hires.”

Your name’s on the wrapper from A to Z: an Abba-Zaba resume. No problem. Just rip it off and “rip it off.”

You might never know that candidate who didn’t make it months ago, now has, and before your fee-year’s expired.

But what if you could get 24/7 surveillance of the Internet?

What if each and every candidate was tracked relentlessly? All you had to do was pay for a report?

I’m totally jazzed about Fee Catcher. It does just that.

So simple. So sweet. Really sweet.

Samp Fee catcher reportThe first report will blow you away. You just have no idea of the 20, 30 or even 50% “shrinkage” you could have due to your clients bringing on the candidates you presented, then ‘forgetting’ it was you who introduced them..

Fee Catcher identifies these “back door hires,” alerting you about those placements you never knew you made. It scours the Internet and all those social networks and other hideouts comparing what it finds to the submission data in your ATS/CRM.

Here’s an example:

You submit Armand Joy to Trick and Treat, Inc. — a “client.” Armand gets an interview, but T&T passes on hiring Armand. You’re told he’s just not right for the gig.

Fine.  It happens.

Two months later, the T&T human resourcer pulls up Armand’s resume from you, peels off the Abba-Zaba wrapper, and invites Armand (rhymes with “Our Man”) to interview. Armand gets some gig at T&T.

But do you know?  No.

Fee Catcher foils the “searchlifter,” examining the jillions of changes in jobs globally. When it finds one of your candidates at one of your “clients,” it generates a report that details the candidate, employer, date of submission and start date, so you can swing into action.

Fee Catcher has already identified plenty of  missed placements for recruiters – over a million dollars worth, the Fee Catcher folks tell me — and that’s just in its six-month beta test period. It’s doing that right now for savvy searchers as you sit.

“H-m-m-m,” thinks you. “I do that!” Or even sillier, “I’ll just do it myself?”

Gimmie a jawbreak!

1. It takes plenty of time to track every candidate you’ve introduced to every precious contingency-fee-avoider “unclient.” Do you even remember who they all are?  Gimmie a jawbreak again! You’re a recruiter, not a relentless, robotic researcher.

2. Even if you could check up on your entire candidate data base against every sendouted “client” today, you’d need to do it all again, later.

3. Fee Catcher snags placements searching that great, big, public Internet candy store, including places you might never think to look.

I’m so jazzed by the Fee Catcher model that I’ve asked its developers to give you a free sample.

Fee Catcher will sleuth your first two Armands free of charge.  Then if cash-in matters to you more than lowering the unemployment rate, you’ll pay $3,000 for each wrapped nugget thereafter. You can also just sign-up on their subscription service. If not, I’ll see if we can arrange to have you meet the President in the Rose Garden to receive your very own special Volunteer Recruiter Award.

I’ve been writing you every month for over 32 years. Tell me when you’ve ever heard me carry on like this. (Not since I made a placement — and got paid.)

In fact, I’m so jazzed about Fee Catcher that I’ll even give you a free informal phone consultation before you blow that fee. After all, I’ve been a kid in this candy store for 48 years. Let’s see if we can pump those 48 years into your limp Bubble Yum. We’ll boogie around the aisles like Mr. and Mrs. M&M.

I TOLD you I was totally jazzed!

It’s as easy as A-B-C.

A.  Call or e-mail Jon Guidi, CEO of Fee Catcher, at (415)534-5538 or  Jon’s placement people, which is why Fee Catcher is so “desk-up.”

B.  Sign up for the Fee Catcher free trial and get your two free Abba-Zaba wrapped nuggets.

C.  Check your contractual candidate referral periods for stale confections, then:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Placement Fee Collection Quiz button on the bottom row.
  3. Take the PFCQ.
  4. Click the Answers to Placement Law Quizzes button on the bottom row.
  5. Grade yourself on the PFCQ.
  6. Click the red JEFF’S ON CALL! button.
  7.  Type Fee or Free, Which Will it Be?  in the Subject field.
  8. Click Send.


I’ll call you and we’ll talk about candy coins (aka found money).



Truly, THIS can raise your standard of living without making one extra placement.


Go, go, GO Bazooka Joe!




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