Help For Those Candidates You’ll Never Place

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Jun 12, 2013

Dear Barb:

Recently, I’ve been paying attention to how much time my recruiters are spending on candidates we will never place. It’s incredible how many people they interview compared to the number that are actually sent out on interviews. They are providing free advice all day long to these candidates who persist on calling for an update.

I know you’ve said we place only 5% of the candidates we attract, which seemed very low to me until I’ve taken the time to focus on this. My business is actually only placing 3% of those we attract in the previous 90 days. I’m realizing some of my recruiters enjoy the free consulting because it’s easier than making marketing or recruiting presentations.

When I went to your site, I noticed the pricing has really increased and I didn’t see the lifetime pricing. Before I invest, I would like to know what level of passive income the portals are generating for your current clients. It also appeared on your site that you are not only targeting our profession, is that correct?

John R.

Ft. Wayne, IN

Dear John:

The time spent on candidates we will never place is one of the greatest time wasters in our businesses. The customized Happy Candidate Career Portals provide you with a resource you can offer that takes none of your time, but allows you to help 100% of the people attracted to your firm. They also generate passive income for your business.

I originally only sold these to the recruiting and staffing profession, but have been contacted by colleges, non-profits, associations and others who all want to help job seekers.

If you don’t invest in a career portal, they will at least give you some great ideas of what you could develop on your own for the candidates you won’t place. With the shortage of top talent, we do need to greatly improve the overall candidate experience in order to improve our word of mouth reputations. Social media has made it very easy for a disgruntled candidate to post negative information about your firm to thousands of potential candidates.

Your job seekers will think you developed this for them. Personally, it gives me great satisfaction to know I can now help everyone who comes to my firm for help. I can reach out to my church, local school and non-profits and help them as well, without it taking any of my time.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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