Happening on SourceCon: Totally Usable and Practical Sourcing Tools

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Aug 13, 2021

There are least 698,845 sourcing tools out there. You know, give or take one or two, obviously. Point is, it can sometimes feel overwhelming figuring out which tools to use.

However, in his recent article on SourceCon, ERE’s sister site devoted to the sourcing community, expert sourcer Mikey Weill, who’ll also be presenting at SourceCon Digital, happening Oct. 19-21, reveals three practical tools he uses to optimize his work.

Mikey doesn’t cite come complex tech solutions. Rather, he writes about simple ways to manage his daily schedule and daily reqs. He also explains how he uses a Google Sheet he developed (he provides a link to it, too) to help track what needs tracking.

Head over to SourceCon to read “Tools Needed To Succeed As A Sourcer.”

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