Interview Scheduling Solution GoodTime Closes Second Round of Seed Funding

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Aug 17, 2017

GoodTime, a San Francisco-based interview scheduling solution, recently revealed the closing of their second round of seed funding via Crunchbase. As with the previous seed round, the company has so far declined to disclose the exact amount raised. However, CEO Ahryun Moon tells me the specifics of the deal will be released to the public “within a day or two.”

Till then, there’s a whisper number of $1 million showing up on Facebook. The company has previously disclosed an angel round totaling $200,000 in Sept. 2016. Investors such as Alchemist Accelerator, Big Basin Capital, Walden International, Nahkoda Capital, Geoff Donaker, and Michael Stoppelman have provided financial backing.

In a 2016 release, the Silicon Valley startup says recruitment teams spend as much as 60 percent of their time on the clock scheduling and rescheduling job candidates for interviews. They claim their product expedites this by a factor of ten and eliminates the potential for human error by automating the process. GoodTime’s website states that “[F]our out of every ten interviews end up having to be rescheduled or ‘shifted’ due to miscommunication, last minute changes, or human error.”

“The first interaction a candidate has with your company is finding a time for their interview. Quickly growing companies need a streamlined interview scheduling process,” said Moon, who cofounded the company with Jasper Sone and Peter Lee. “GoodTime provides the best candidate experience from the very first communication and gets top talent in the door before competitors can.”

With manual scheduling, GoodTime says recruiters run a risk of contacting candidates only in time to discover they have already accepted an offer elsewhere. They add this happens 47 percent of the time when recruiters reach out to schedule an interview with an applicant instead of using a system like theirs.

After a candidate has been selected by a recruiter, GoodTime allows the job applicant to select their availability. The recruiter can then customize the process by matching interviewers with potential employees based on the interviewer’s position, personal skill set, company setting, location, live availability and status of training.

GoodTime’s interview scheduling solution automatically sends reminders to both the recruitment team and the interviewee. Their product integrates with existing applicant tacking systems, although there’s no list outlining exactly which ones. In addition, supervisors have the option to view or export data on the performance of their recruitment team, information that can then be utilized to modify existing scheduling strategies.

With a growing number of ATSs providing this kind of functionality within their application, it’s challenging to see where GoodTime moves beyond being a feature and evolves into a standalone product. Google Hire, for example, integrates scheduling within popular applications like Calendar and Maps.

Additionally, applicant tracking system Lever recently announced enhancements to its scheduling feature, saying “Today, we’re introducing the newest addition to our best-in-class suite of scheduling tools: Easy Book. Easy Book powers seamless self-scheduling for candidates, so recruiters can spend less time coordinating high-volume, 1-on-1 interviews, and more time on strategic talent acquisition.”

That said, many ATSs still fail to provide scheduling integration within their solutions. For users of these applicant tracking solutions, a service like GoodTime may be a good fit.

Update: The company announced a $2 million seed round on August 22.

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