Yet Another Recruiting-Technology Company Is Expanding Out From Its Job-Board Roots

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Mar 22, 2016
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You probably know by now from reading these pages, but job boards and applicant tracking systems are expanding their offerings. Trying to be more. Careerbuilder is a great example, going well beyond its job board history; IBM is another, touting not just the Kenexa applicant tracking system it purchased in 2012 but positioning itself as a “Smarter Workforce” company that includes things like recruitment marketing. Avature is another. And Gild. And so on.

The latest is called getTalent, a previous version of which is already being used by Kaiser Healthcare, among others. Who’s behind it? Brightmatter, which is part of DHI, which you know more or less as … Dice. (Brightmatter is a DHI lab; “a bunch of geeks sitting around in Silicon Valley,” says Evan Lesser, getTalent general manager, who says the group may come out with a recruitment advertising product next.)

Anyhow, this new getTalent release is a “strategic talent sourcing management platform.” A mouthful, but essentially a way to build a pipeline of candidates and keep in touch with people. Keeping in touch, in this case, could be anything from emailing candidates to sending them an Eventbrite or Meetup invite, texting them, or doing a “push notification” where a call to action appears in someone’s browser.

It also includes something called “FreshUp,” where candidate leads are updated through DHI’s Open Web product.

If you’ve heard of SmashFly, or Avature — getTalent is in that genre. Lesser says the expansive “engagement methods” I mentioned earlier (Eventbrite, etc.) are one of the differentiators with some other systems, and one thing lacking in an earlier version of getTalent. He also said getTalent is working on a content marketing piece, where you’ll be able to send content like white papers and videos to candidates and keep track of how they engaged with them, such as whether they clicked on pieces of the content, or shared them with others.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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