Friend or Follow

Jun 10, 2010

One of Shannon Myers‘ favorite tools is one you’re also likely to find valuable in your recruiting and contact management.

Myers, speaking at the Fordyce Forum in Las Vegas, suggests you take a look at “Friend or Follow.” With the “Friend or Follow” site, you can type in a Twitter name, and find out three things:

  1. Who the person’s “friends” are. Friends is defined on this site as two people who are both following each other on Twitter. If Mike Tyson and I both follow each other, we’re friends. (For the record, we’re not.)
  2. Who a person’s “fans” are. Someone’s fans, as defined here, are people who follow them on Twitter, without them following the other person. Say Shaquille O’Neal is following me, but I’m not following him. He’s one of my fans.
  3. “Following.” Say I’m following Shaq, but he’s not following me. I’m “following” him. Remember: this is different from friends, where we’re both following each other. It’s similar to “fans” but in reverse.

Anyhow, while this sounds like an Abbott and Costello routine, it’s useful. Contacts from “Friend or Follow” can be exported easily using the “Export CSV” link in the upper right. It’s a great way of finding out who your friends and contacts know.

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