New Tools, SHRM’s Social Media Survey, and More In Today’s Roundup

Nov 11, 2011
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News about internships, employee referrals, resumes searches, social media recruiting, and a video-oriented job board — it’s all in our roundup, below.

  • Maybe because it’s still new, but companies seem to have a love/hate (or should that be like/unlike) relationship with social media. A SHRM survey out this week says 68 percent of organizations engage in social media activities to reach external audiences. But 43 percent block access to social media on company equipment. Most frequently used: 1) Facebook (45 percent), 2) LinkedIn (34 percent), 3) Twitter (28 percent) and 4) YouTube (18 percent).  Other popular platforms include company blogs (17 percent) and webinars/webcasts (16 percent). Get the survey here.
  • Survale is a new career site analytics tool. Insert a little bit of code (sort of like Google Analytics) on your career site pages and Survale will tell you all about the traffic you get. But, and here’s what makes Survale different, at random, visitors will get short surveys asking about the career site, their experience, and their impressions. Some will also get follow-up surveys asking about their interaction with recruiters. Survale was founded by Ian Alexander, who was previously VP of marketing and PR at Cytiva, which was acquired early this year by Taleo.
  • is all about student internships and real jobs now that the site has added full and part-time employment listings. It also partnered up with Blackboard, a company that provides e-learning and intranet platform services to the military, government, companies, and thousands of educational institutions. The addition of employment opportunities, and the potential reach of the Blackboard platform that dominates the college market, gives a strong entry into a market crowded with such job boards as AfterCollege, CollegeRecruiter, Monster College, and Snag-A-Job. Internships is owned by CareerArc Group whose CEO once headed Blackboard Connect, which is part of Blackboard. CareerArc acquired Tweet My Jobs earlier this year.
  • Every day there’s some new partnership between this or that human resources technology company, but here’s one worth mentioning since both firms are pretty hot: Workday and Jobvite. Jobvite (whose Facebook application we recently mentioned) will be integrated with Workday, which Jobvite says will “enable customers of both solutions to plug Jobvite into their Workday infrastructure and seamlessly share current data across platforms.”
  • Speaking of Jobvite — well, speaking of employee referrals, which is essentially part of the business of Jobvite — a new vendor in the employee-referral-social-media category is the appropriately named “ReferSocially.” It’s refreshing to see some costs listed online. More info’s listed under “what” and “how.”
  • JobOn is a combination job board/video application site for smaller retailers and restaurants. Instead of a candidate going around to different stores to apply, they create a video profile. Quiznos, a California sandwich shop, has tried JobOn. So has a Maryland bike shop called the Bike Doctor, whose owner Paul Lombardo says he’s liking the whole idea of JobOn, and about two weeks ago made an offer (one that was not accepted) to someone he found on the site.
  • Work Market, a tool to manage consultants, contractors, freelancers, and others, is, itself, hiring.
  • A couple of developments with “Identified,” a site we wrote about in September. The company is 1) making all profiles public and searchable on the Internet, 2) giving all companies access to the Indentified scores for their recruiting (as opposed to the limited beta, prior). See the screen shot, (click to enlarge) at right. Identified says that over the course of six weeks starting in late September, “more than 1.8 million unique profiles have been viewed, and our database has grown 7x to more than 50 million profiles.”
This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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