Free New ATS Debuts From Zoho

Nov 23, 2009
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There’s a new, free, ATS in town. Launched today, Zoho Recruit is a nicely featured candidate management system that’s suitable for smaller employers and staffing agencies.

It’s built by the same people who launched Zoho People, a low-cost talent management system we wrote about a while back.

Like People, Zoho Recruit handles all the basics, and then some. You can create a posting from a req, publish it (manually) to your own website, export it to other sites and, of course, manage all the inbound resumes and applications.

Zoho’s basic service is free. A premium service costs $12 per user per month. Don’t worry that the free service is a stripped-down shadow of an ATS. The principal differences between the pay and free services are storage size, posting volume, and resume parsing.

For a staffing agency with a healthy business, or a volume employer accepting resumes, paying the premium would be worthwhile for the parser alone. It’s eGrabber’s well-regarded ResumeGrabber.

There are plenty of nice touches that you’d expect to get only in a pay service. Things like candidate locking for staffing firms with multiple recruiters and offices so none is inadvertently competing internally. Documents can be attached to contacts and reqs; notes and logs are included, with everything integrated for easy retrieval. And you can export all your data — yes, including the documents — in multiple formats.

ResumarkIt had to happen sooner or later that someone would offer to pay jobseekers to be jobseekers. Resumark is paying candidates $1 every time their resume is downloaded from the site.

Now, this isn’t a brand new service; Resumark launched last year. However, it was updated and relaunched in Septmeber with a more active job posting and search. It also has a Twitter account. But with unemployment now over 10 percent, Resumark is becoming more aggressive in promoting its unique resume collection technique.

Says Andrew Kucheriavy, Resumark founder,  “With the traditional model, job websites get resumes for free and then sell them to employers. With our model, employers actually pay job seekers for their resumes. All job seekers have to do is post resumes. We handle the rest.”

Jobs can also be posted for free on the site. Listings are redistributed to all the major search engines and are sent to jobseekers based on their interest.

How does Resumark make money? By charging you for resumes. It has a PPP model so you only pay for the resumes you want. It uses Google search, so it will help if you are adept at Boolean strings. Otherwise, sifting through the results won’t be a lot different than a typical Google search.  But for as little as $3 a resume, you may find the investment worthwhile.

This is not a site that most recruiters will ever consider, but we include it here for two reasons: it illustrates just how niche-y job boards are becoming (and how plentiful), and; the two companies involved have singularly entertaining names.

“Federal Concierge, LLC and JellyBean Blue, LLC. co-launched a niche job board solution “CPICjobs” on a new website:,” was the opening line of the press release drawing my attention to the site.

CPIC, incidentally, is shorthand for Capital Planning and Capital Planning Investment Control. The press release notes that practitioners have such job titles as Capital Planning Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Exhibit Writers, Portfolio Managers and Earned Value Management Professionals.

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This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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