5 Tips For Improving Your Social Media

Jul 24, 2014

social media illustrationThe way we use social media has evolved tremendously since the early days of MySpace. With the success of LinkedIn, we have begun to move our professional relationships to the web, and have slowly developed a proper networking etiquette for doing so. Recruiting through social media, however, is a practice whose rules are still being written.

Because there is no “right” way to do it, the unknown that accompanies social recruiting can make the idea intimidating to recruiters and hiring managers. However, as the power of social media continues to grow, it is important to embrace it as a crucial element of your recruiting strategy.

Here are five of the best practices for hiring via social media:

1. Consistency across platforms

More than ever, your agency’s social media presence is an influential representation of its identity. This means that your firm — or you — needs to present its brand in the same way in each outlet, complete with a united appearance and voice. This also means posting frequently on each of your pages. A brand that sends the same message no matter what corner of the internet a job seeker is looking at feels more authentic, trustworthy, and desirable.

2. Add insightful content

While you may think social recruiting means primarily looking at candidates’ online appearances, in truth it is a two-way street. Just like in real life, social recruitment is a conversation in which both parties are evaluating each other. Because of this it is imperative that you not only promote yourself, but add insightful content that starts conversation. The key is to not only reach out to candidates, but to draw them in.

3. Don’t blast job openings

Posting nothing but job openings might get you a few clicks, but it’s not going to get you an genuine followers. Boring, repetitive job postings are for job sites, not social recruitment. While it’s acceptable to post openings, try to up your game by making them engaging. Reply, retweet, and share content in between your postings to get the conversation going.

4. Know who you are trying to recruit

Rather than blindly posting jobs, think strategically and know who you are trying to reach. The amount of information thrown at users on social media is immense, so in order to break through the clutter, you have to speak to them. Post in industry-related groups, follow people, and share content that you think will interest them.

5. Look and listen

If you’re still having trouble reaching candidates, utilize the power of social media and find out where they are. On a site like Twitter, search hiring-related or industry-specific hashtags to see what the people you’re looking for are talking about. Simply reading what your target audience is saying will give you a feel for how to best communicate with them.

Remember that these are general guidelines, and the creative freedom you have in this new segment of recruiting is unlimited. Your strategy and communication style will vary depending on your industry, so don’t be afraid to test ideas and explore until you find what’s right for your company.

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