Find Out What Happened When We Reversed the Job-search Process

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Jun 3, 2016
This article is part of a series called Tips & Tricks.

About a year ago I told you about how we’re reversing the job-search process.

Now’s a good time to tell you the results.

We have now hired 101 from this program — and counting! On average, these candidates had applied for seven jobs before trying this path to find the right fit — one of them had actually tried 41 times to find the right fit! Now she is working as a care assistant!

While this takes significant commitment by our recruiters to look at job search differently, it is worth it for several reasons:

  • It is mobile and millennium-friendly — it can be done anywhere, any time with just a phone
  • It takes the current “black hole” recruiting process back to its roots — it is about people meeting people and getting a chance to state their qualifications
  • It allows us to minimize the impact of our outdated application that is not currently mobile ready or Apple friendly.

Some of the unintended results have been:

  • An increase in the diversity we have seen — see what happens when people talk to people?
  • The recruiters have changed the conversation from a) how many applications they have to b) who have they seen, and what is the best fit for them?

Our traditional job search remains, and while we still get the majority of hires through that process, we are so excited by the results we are seeing that decided to celebrate. 

We had an Ice Cream Social in the Park — May 25. Poppy’s Ice Cream served cones, sandwiches, floats, and smoothies. We invited our 101 hires and their supervisors.

I would love to connect with you (post in the comments below) to hear your ideas and what you have done to make the job search more personal.

This article is part of a series called Tips & Tricks.
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