Fidelity Slickens Up College Recruiting

Oct 20, 2010
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Fidelity has upgraded its college recruiting brochure, creating an interactive online version, and has made its online jobs information more friendly to mobile phone users.

Allyson Holbrook, Fidelity marketing director, HR MarCom, says that Fidelity is getting about 1,000 monthly views on the college recruiting brochure. Holbrook’s initial plan was just to update the normal company brochure. As she looked into it more, she realized the brochure was expensive, wasn’t even handed out by recruiters all of the time, and sometimes ended up in a trash can even when it did make it into a candidate’s hands.

So Fidelity rebuilt its brochure for both print and online, and made it more interesting than most.

The print version, which Fidelity finished about a month ago, is a little like a map, with a full poster-size quiz. Online, the brochure, which went live this week (see lower right at this link), is, as Holbrook says, “online wizard meets Cosmo quiz.” It was made with help from Nxtbook, a digital magazine company.

The site offers a quiz with answers that introduce candidates to the company’s culture and value proposition. One question, for example, asks:

Looking for innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit in a company?

A: Yes, I’m looking for a company that will challenge me and listen to my ideas.

B: Innovation can mean failure, and who wants to take a chance?

C: I hate change. Things never get better anyway.

Fidelity’s website asks people if they’d like to join its “talent community.” This is a great thing — something people like Microsoft’s Marvin Smith and Omowale Casselle have written about, Deluxe’s Stacy Van Meter will talk about at ERE’s conference next Spring in San Diego, and so on. But I’d hoped to know a bit more about this online form before putting my information in. Is it a real community, or more of a Fidelity database? What will happen to me once in this community; for example, will I be getting a newsletter?

Holbrook says the company thus far “has not had the bandwidth to develop a more robust CRM strategy.” In other words, she and Fidelity are still, understandably, working on building out this community.

Fidelity has also created a new mobile site, which is an optimized version of its career site. When accessing Fidelity’s career pages from your mobile phone, you should be served this simpler site (though with my Droid, I seemed to get the standard Fidelity site).

Anyhow, with the mobile site — put together with help from Jobing’s Joel Cheesman — you can search for jobs, email yourself the listing, and apply when you get to your PC. You then apply from your PC for a job via a Jobs2Web mirror of Fidelity’s site, which eventually sends you into Fidelity’s Taleo applicant tracking system.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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