Fear + Doubt + Worry = Your Personal Slave Drivers

Aug 31, 2012

A while back I received an email with the same title from David Neagle, a wealth and mindset coach whose products and services I have invested in frequently. That title made me stop and read more.

David’s column was more on “manifesting” things in our lives. While I fully believe that when we focus on having things in our lives the way we want them we significantly increase the likelihood that we will get them, this is not what struck me about the article. What struck me big time was the title. Why?

Despite the incredibly strong recovery we have seen as an industry, many recruiting firm owners are still letting fear, doubt, and worry run their business. These slave drivers that we wake up with, take to our offices, and then take home again at night are three of the biggest reasons some owners haven’t yet “dove back into the pool” to grow their businesses. They think the pool is empty or still very shallow.

At some level this is understandable. Most recruiting firm owners never experienced business deterioration as deep and rapid as we did in 2008 and 2009. However, it is time to stop looking in the rear view mirror!

You see, as Neagle says:

Your ego’s sole job is to keep you exactly where you are. Your ego perceives any growth or change as a threat to your survival, and it will immediately begin to bring up fears to control your decision making.

Let me give you an example of real situations I encounter as a coach when owners of recruiting firms reach out to me. They have a desire to grow their business, but are reluctant to invest in themselves through hiring, training, renting bigger space, etc. These things are all labeled as expenses.

The truth states that if you have a desire, the way to fulfill that desire is already present. Therefore, if you feel a deep desire to grow your recruiting business, that desire is coming from your spirit. It is a message being sent to you to help foster your growth, increase your income, and better your lifestyle.

The Desire Is There

The next thing that happens is your ego recognizes this desire as a threat, and immediately gives you many reasons why you shouldn’t grow your recruiting business. Reasons like:

  • You don’t have enough money.
  • It’s not the right time.
  • What if the industry tanks?
  • What if there is a hiring freeze?

Because your ego is strong, you believe these excuses and you stifle your own growth. You believe the lies your ego is telling you, and you stay small.

So let’s go to the real truth of the situation. While the economy could fall off a cliff, there’s less likelihood of that every day. In our lifetimes, and over the past five recessions, we have had a five to eight year window of increasing revenues after each of these downturns. The last year or two were the beginning of the uptrend, meaning, conservatively we have another four years at least to look forward to for steadily rising revenues!

Take the First Step: Make a Decision!

Until you make a “committed”, “accept-no-other-option” decision, nothing will happen or change for you. You can’t grow your business significantly without first making the decision that you are following through, No Matter What! This is where most people trip up. They want the benefits of growth (i.e. more money, better lifestyle) before they make a decision. That’s not how Spirit works.

Next, anticipate what will take you off track. (Hint: It’s what always takes you off track!) Recognize that your ego is going to create doubt to try to protect you, but if you anticipate those thoughts and those feelings in advance, you are much more likely to break through the power of the three slave drivers.

Step Two: Set an Expectation and Build a Plan!

Define a revenue target that is a bit of a stretch, a little uncomfortable, yet within your reach. Set the expectation that the goal has been achieved. Ask yourself, “If I had an office/billings/lifestyle that hit this target, what exactly would it allow for me in my life? What would be better and how?”

Next, using strong recruiting metrics and ratios like first-time interview-to-placements, and average fee, back into exactly what you have to do each quarter, each month, each week to build your business, and write that into your plan.

Step Three: TAKE ACTION!

Your desire is not going to fall in your lap. This step is where your ego really kicks in. It will make you afraid to make those necessary marketing and recruiting cold calls. It will tell you that you’re not good enough. It will bring up any number of fears to keep you exactly where you are. Simply, execute your step two written plan.

Something key to understand about your ego is that the truth will liberate you and your ego will keep you a prisoner.

Show your ego who’s boss, and give yourself a new experience which will allow you to build the recruiting business and the life you want vs. the one you might be currently settling for!

Let me complete this article with a powerful quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.”

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