Exercise Your Way To Bigger Billings

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Mar 1, 2013

Our work as recruiters requires us to be the proactive force in the selling process. This takes energy and focus; some days are easier than others in terms of gearing up to make calls. One way to set yourself (or your team) up for success is to focus on creating the physiology that leads to feelings of confidence and energy.

How you use your body makes a massive difference in your mood. Tony Robbins has said that, “Emotion is created by motion.” There are so many things about our environment that we can’t control but with our use of physiology, we have immediate control and can see immediate results.

Simple ways to influence your mood and energy physically are:

  1. Change your breathing.
  2. Change your posture.
  3. Change the way you’re moving.

Stand Up and Talk

Obviously standing while making calls makes a huge difference in how you feel. Any time I have an important call to make or am not feeling at my best, I stand up and move around my office as I talk. As a trainer and coach, I lead a lot of tele-seminars over the phone, and I actually have a podium in my office so I can stand when I deliver training over the phone or web. There is a very detectable difference in how someone projects over the phone if they are standing tall and moving, versus sitting crumpled up in a chair.

I also stand and walk around the office when I am on a coaching call with a client. I find the movement increases my creativity and the amount of options I come up with for the challenges they might be facing. By moving around the office as I talk or listen, it also gives me the sense that we are more connected; I’m not sure why that is but it’s something I’ve come to recognize over the years.

Another thing to consider is standing even when you are not on the phone. I know several people who have special desks that are raised to standing level and they swear by the increased productivity. These desks can be either raised up so you can stand as you work or lowered if you want to sit for a while. I plan to get one of these desks soon myself.

Lately I’ve also been using a grip ball during or between calls to maintain focus and energy. It is silent and engages the muscles in your fingers, hands and forearms, and you can get a pump from the activity. I keep the ball on top of my desk as a built in reminder to move my body. If you get the brand called “Gravity Gripp”, you’ll be able to choose the strength of the ball, and it will be silent as you use it.

5 Minutes of Exercise

I also find that five minutes of exercise does wonders as a way to shift my mood. If there is something going on that has me frustrated, anxious or angry, I will do something physical to “expel the venom.” Some options:

  • Walk up and down the stairs for five minutes;
  • Do 100 pushups;
  • Go for a speed walk around the block;
  • Walk to the post office if you have to mail something;
  • Spend five minutes on a cardio machine.

Your posture also has a huge impact on your mood and energy level. I find that good posture is a habit that you can train yourself to use automatically. I ride motorcycles and there are three things you are supposed to do to control the bike in any maneuver:

  1. Grip the bike with your legs
  2. Suck in your abs
  3. Have a firm but “loose” grip on the handles

There are parallels from the motorcycle to the office in that how you sit or stand will affect your control of, in this case, your mood. Suck in that gut! Sit up straight. Roll those shoulders back. Move with some energy, maybe even with some purpose and authority. This will affect your mood, confidence and energy level.

Lastly, as with everything I teach, my recommendation is that you premeditate what you’ll do to maintain your focus and energy while in the office. “Set the table” for your success by having the right equipment and reminders at your fingertips. If you learn to manage your mood by being aware of your physiology, you’ll have a competitive advantage over those who are unaware of their ability to influence their own energy and confidence.

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