Everyone Loves Jeff (Due to Rounding)

Mar 21, 2014

Mirror, mirror on the door,

Who’s the CEO all adore?

Jeff Weiner,

says Glassdoor.

And he scores a perfect 100, the only perfect CEO on this year’s edition of Glassdoor’s list of the top corporate leaders with the best reviews. And maybe the only CEO ever with a perfect Glassdoor rating.

Graphic of top 50 CEO list 2014
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Could be that all those positive reviews (to be in the running, there have to be at least 100 CEO reviews during the qualifying year) are just a small way for LinkedIn’s employees to say “Thank You” to the boss for almost doubling the value of their stock.

However we are nothing if not deeply skeptical investigative reporters here at Roundup HQ, so we went digging into the record to find last year’s No. 1, Mark Zuckerberg, slipping to ninth place this year. And that’s after he did a little better than doubling Facebook’s stock price. Two years in a row at No. 1 with 99 percent.

But now, out of nowhere comes first-time list awardee Weiner to snatch the top spot. Granted, he’s not the only first timer on the list. Alan Mullaly of Ford, and Richard Edelman of Edelman, first timers both, made the list, taking second and third place respectively. Each, though, got a highly respectable, but not perfect, 97 percent.

If Edelman, who heads one of the biggest, most powerful public relations firms in the world, can’t get a perfect score, then the fix must be in. After an intense interrogation of Glassdoor employees, which included water viewing from their Sausalito, California office, we unearthed the truth: Weiner is the beneficiary of rounding up. His approval rating is merely 99.5 percent, or maybe a tenth or two or three better.

Our work nearly done, only one task remained, and that was to mention that for the first time this year, Glassdoor ranked the top 25 CEOs of small and mid-sized businesses.

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