Everyone Hates HR, HireVue Acquires Modern Hire, New Global Talent Trends, and More!

The lowdown on what went down this week in recruiting.

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May 12, 2023

Welcome to “The Most Interesting Recruiting Stories of the Week,” a weekly post that features talent acquisition insights and information from around the web to kick off your weekend. Here’s what’s of interest this week:

Is It Possible to Have HR That Employees Don’t Hate?

“Some things about workplace culture feel universal, and negative experiences with human resources is one of the biggest,” according to Fast Company. “The profession has a long history of being the butt of office jokes and much maligned in pop culture. A big part of that is the belief that HR exists not as the name suggests—to be a resource for the humans that work for a company—but rather to protect the company from liabilities presented by the people that work there. But a lot has changed about the HR industry and its role within companies since its inception around the time of the industrial revolution.”

HireVue, a Video Interview Pioneer, Acquires Modern Hire

“HireVue has acquired Modern Hire, creating a combined customer base of 1,150 and little overlap. The companies aim to develop an integrated HR platform,” TechTarget reports.

5 Takeaways from LinkedIn’s New Global Talent Trends Report

“Based on data from 17 countries, the Global Talent Trends Report shows that hiring has slowed around the world: from a 19% decline in Switzerland to 28% in the U.S. and Brazil to 42% in Singapore,” LinkedIn reports.

Google Recruiter Tries Rehiring Recently Laid-Off Employee for Less Pay

“Former Google employee @cedonifrancis shared an astonishing story about a recent interaction with a recruiter on LinkedIn,” according to Distractify. Read what happened.

Why Labor Shortages Could Be Here to Stay

“More and more Americans are getting too old to work,” Axios reports. “Even if the job market cools off from its current hotness, that could mean labor shortages will be with us for the long term.”

Top Job Skills Needed for ‘A.I.-Powered Future,’ According to New Microsoft Data

From CNBC: “Working alongside artificial intelligence will be ‘as inherent’ as how we work with the internet — and employees need to equip themselves with skills for this new future. That is according to Microsoft’s new Work Trend Index report, which surveyed 31,000 people across 31 markets between February and March 2023.”

The Plague of Short-Termism in Recruiting

“The most successful recruiters are ones who approach the role as relational rather than transactional,” writes strategy columnist Mary Faulkner. “Yes, you need to fill the reqs you’ve been assigned. But you also need to build your network and sourcing pool.”

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