Apr 24, 2015

emplyer-contentFactset, Sodexo, Amtrak. These companies all have one thing in common when it comes to marketing themselves to job seekers.

They all create large amounts of content distributed via social media that is geared toward prospective candidates.

Today’s job seeker is more savvy than ever. They want desperately to know what your company is like to work for. They want to see where they’ll be working. They want to understand who they’ll be working with.

Career content allows employers to be proactive and craft their own story. It makes job seekers think of them differently.

For example, when Sodexo puts a job search tip on its Facebook page, it gives candidates practical advice that leads toward building trust in the Sodexo brand name.

When Factset welcomes a new employee on Twitter with a picture it shows off a bit of its company culture and gives candidates a taste of the onboarding process.

And when Amtrak publishes countless photos of its employees in action, it gives job seekers a glimpse into life on the rails.

So if your company wants to drive more traffic to your career site, start creating content that resonates with your target candidate. If you want to attract more quality candidates start telling them what to expect. Be honest. Be transparent. Be real. Act like the companies above and take a proactive marketing approach to wooing new hires.

With that in mind, I’ve created a slideshow with 16 examples of content every employer should be creating each week. It will help your recruiting team become its own “newsroom.”

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