Employee Rewards Company Recruiting, Sort of, on Beach, With Legos

Apr 24, 2012
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Always on the lookout for developers and engineers, one benefits-management firm is holding a LEGO-building contest this week near the ocean at the edge of Los Angeles, a section of town where enough high-tech companies and startups are forming that some folks are calling it “Silicon Beach.”

BetterWorks is, in short, a company that helps other companies provide rewards to employees — “happiness in the cloud,” it says. It’s opening up the LEGO contest to the top 60 applicants. They’ll be divided into teams and will build using materials provided by BetterWorks. Criteria will be announced at the beginning of the building contest, with a panel of judges announcing winners. The top three teams will get an award, and additional raffle prizes will be given out.

BetterWorks is holding the event on the top floor of a Venice beach house owned by Paige Craig. Craig is an ex-Marine, angel investor, and the startup’s CEO and co-founder. He told me tonight that this isn’t one of those contests — like, say, Sunglass Hut’s — where you’re vying for a specific job or internship of some sort. Instead, it’s just one of many events he holds for people to get together, have fun, network, and yeah, perhaps BetterWorks will form a business relationship such as a new customer or a hire. Craig tells me that if nothing becomes of it beyond some drinks, some LEGOs, and some hanging out, he’s perfectly OK with that.

This article is part of a series called News & Trends.