Do a Happy Dance ‘Cuz You’re A Corporate Recruiter

Aug 15, 2014

norm as hatchet manThis week Roundup brings you a collection of recruiting items truly  worthy of the tag “roundup.”

For your water-cooler chatter pleasure, I offer you a recruiting video from China, news about how some of you have a happy job, and a job posting from the Postal Service which is seeking a RIFmaster.

(Note to pop culture enthusiasts: The picture here relates to that last item. Points to everyone who can identify the show and the character. Extra points for the episode.)

RIFmaster Wanted

What with online bill paying, email and even digital greeting cards cutting deep into its first class revenue, the U.S. Postal Service hasn’t been doing much hiring these last few years.

Mostly attrition accounts for the 177,000 fewer clerks, carriers, drivers, and others the post office shed between 1990 and 2010. From 761,000 in 1990  there are now 490,000 career postal employees.

Still too many, says the Postmaster General; 3,000 postmaster need to go come January. There will be buyout offers and retirement incentives. But the time will come to get serious and it will need a Terminator General.

No, of course that’s not the title. The $60k to $104k job is officially RIF Administrator. It’s not an easy job, but there is a perfect candidate, Norm Peterson (George Wendt). He wasn’t a postal employee himself, but his good buddy, Cliff Clavin (John Ratzenberger) can tell him everything he needs to know. He even has a video resume to show.

Song and Dance and Marching

No video resume needed to apply for a job with the Chinese military, though it apparently helps if you can dance. Singing is a definite plus. And if you can fly a jet fighter, even better.

The People Liberation Army’s recruiting video, which Business Insider calls “bizarre” shows the enlisted folk dancing to the hit Chinese tune “Little Apple.”

Your Happy Job

Be happy, because CareerBliss says you have one of the top eight happiest jobs. Assuming that is, you are a corporate recruiter. Your job ranks a 3.87 on the CareerBills-o-meter scale, which is the highest of the 8 jobs. Salarywise, at $62,729, you’re at the bottom of the scale. So averaging it all out, you rank fourth on the list, ahead of executive chef, Oracle database administrator and construction manager. First place goes to the 3.42 Bliss scoring, $117,311 paying job of CTO.

See? Just like mom said, money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it does make those Costco shopping days easier on the budget.



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