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Mar 7, 2012

Dear Barb:

Job seekers are getting more and more unreasonable. We are also getting bombarded with unsolicited resumes and can’t get back to everyone who submits a resume. Recently we have had a few candidates post negative remarks on LinkedIn which makes our firm look bad. We specialize in biotech and only place individuals who are at the top of their game. How do we get the “stalkers” to quit calling us without appearing rude?

Jeff C., Atlanta, GA

Dear Jeff:

This is the exact problem I’ve been trying to solve for the past two years. We place less than 5% of the candidates who are attracted to our firms. 100% of the people who submit resumes or are interviewed by us expect us to find them a job. When we don’t, they are upset and disappointed. There are three things you can do to solve this issue.

First of all, provide job seekers with a list of expectations. On that list you will state that you specialize in biotech and your clients want individuals with experience, skills, and stability.

Secondly, compile a list of resources and give these job seekers something to do. If you provide free advice, they will keep calling you. If you give them something to do, they normally don’t call back because they are afraid you are going to ask them if they did what you told them to do.

Third, you may consider my solution to this problem. I’ve developed a Career Portal you can set up in less than ten minutes. It is customized to look like your firm developed this resource and provides them with 100% of the resources they need to find a job on their own and the cost to set this up is less than $25. Go to for more information.

As this job market is changing to a candidate driven market – it is more important than ever that the overall candidate experience is improved and positive. Think of how gratifying it would be to be able to help 100% of the people your firm attracts. You send the majority to other resources and focus on the 5% you can place.

Whether you utilize my solution or develop your own, it’s important that you take action so you can focus on the candidates you will place!

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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