Dell Is Making Its Career Sites More Visual, More Modern, More Mobile

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Aug 22, 2018

Dell is partway through a major update to its career sites; some of it’s live now, and in a few weeks new changes will go up.

The Dell EMC merger of two years ago was huge. That was one thing that created a need for the career site refresh: the existence of now multiple brands with multiple websites with thousands of jobs. The other issue was that for years the Dell corporate site — not just the career part — wasn’t mobile optimized. So, the job-seeking experience at Dell was inconsistent. Dell used TalentBrew, TMP’s software platform, for candidates using mobile devices to search jobs, which was not the same look and feel for people using a computer.

“For the past several years, our complete career story wasn’t in one location,” says Amy Forbes Winebright, global employment brand project manager. She and Panama-based Cristina Pereira  were key players in this jobs site initiative.

To address all this, Dell has now launched two things. One is, a search across multiple companies in the Dell Technologies family of companies. So, you can search for a sales job, and what you find may be at VMware, or another Dell Technologies company.

The other launch is at It accomplishes the “mobile” goal I mentioned: one experience, desktop and mobile. It also includes lots of new features not available on the old site, which Winebright, Pereira, and TMP worked on throughout 2018. The visuals are more prominent. Like Nike, Cisco, and Under Armour, Dell was adamant that employees, not stock photos, be used in images. There’s a new area about veterans. There’s information about the hiring process; candidates should hear about the next steps within seven days of an interview, for example. Remote options are called out. (“That’s really the way the workforce is going,” Winebright says.)

Using the app Altru, Dell is gathering employee videos and features those videos on the right side of job descriptions.

The “tracking” is better, so Dell can see what I’m looking at on the site, and where I’m coming from. Soon — in a few weeks, likely — Dell will launch a more personalized experience. If I’m from Japan, and I come back to the site tomorrow, the photos may be of a Japanese Dell location, for example.

Speaking of Japan, Dell’s also working on more language translations for the site. It figured it’d tackle English first, as about 70 percent of site searchers use English. But a full Japanese translation is in the pipeline.

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