Coming Up: Take Your Parents to Work and Get Them to Do It For You Day

Jan 17, 2014

First we had Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. Then the boys wanted equal time so now we have the tongue-stumbling Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.  As the childless Millennials crept into the workforce, they began bringing their dogs to work, which led to Take Your Dog to Work Day.

In the last couple of years, as childless and dog-less Millennials infiltrated America’s workplaces and tried to explain to mom and dad (with whom they were still living) just what they did as a UI architect, someone decided how cool it would be to have a Take Your Parents to Work Day.

But now (and I took the long way ’round the mountain to get here), now we’re hearing reports of the kids bringing mom or dad, or sometimes mom and dad to the job interview.

Adecco surveyed 500+ college grads a couple years ago and discovered that eight percent of them brought a parent to their job interview; three percent of them had a parent sit in on the interview. One percent say their parent writes the post-interview thank-you note. (At least someone does.)

So Dave Spark, who runs the eponymous Spark Media Solutions, riffed on this 21st century phenomenon with a video short explaining why it might not be a good idea to let mom answer any questions at your interview.

Mom Designs Your Business Card

If, despite mom being brutally honest with the interviewer about how her little millennial who happens to be a whizbang Ruby and Python coder (which mom business cardthinks, as do so many tech recruiters, is some sort of inside joke among techies) never empties the dishwasher, if despite that, the kid gets the job, will mom want have a hand in the business card?

The first one, before the IPO, will be easy. But look what happens when you’re worth $750 million and one of the richest men in China and mom helps you with your new business card.

PS: Yeah, yeah. No self-respecting millennial wants a business card. A digital profile? Yes. Card? How last century.

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