Celebrating Successes: Happy Candidates, by Barb Bruno

Feb 15, 2011
This article is part of a series called Ask Barb.

Today, Barb Bruno launched, a site designed to provide career assistance to those “can’t help” candidates, with the idea that the resources in Happy Candidates will certainly be able to assist them.  “We have shifted once again to a more candidate-driven market,” says Bruno. “As such, many recruiters find themselves fielding an enormous number of calls from what would be classified as “can’t help” candidates. Imagine helping more people find fulfilling and rewarding jobs while saving your company time, money, and resources.  That’s the idea behind Happy Candidates.” 

Happy Candidates is designed to provide services to candidates to help them differentiate themselves from their competition and improve their reputation and word-of-mouth advertising as job-seekers. For recruiters, it is designed to be a place where you can send candidates for whom you have no opportunities that can put them in touch directly with other recruiters and offer them helpful career tips and 100% of the resources they need to find a job on their own. This resource in turn allows you to focus on the 5% of candidates that can be placed, which increases sales and profits.

Happy Candidates provides tools and resources your candidates need to find a job and since it is private labeled, they’ll think you’ve built this just for them.  It takes less than ten minutes to set up a customized career portal. Some of the free actions they take generate revenue which offsets the cost of the career portal.

A “soft launch” of Happy Candidates was done one year ago to test the market and get feedback. Currently, the service has 400 firms and over 45,000 job seekers who have enjoyed the resource. “Now we know it works,” says Bruno. “Owners are getting thank you notes and cookie bouquets from candidates they would have normally ‘ignored.’”

You can learn more about Happy Candidates by going to as well as by listening to the podcast we recently did with Barb.

Editor’s note: This post is part of a new series on – Celebrating Successes. We know how important it is for morale and productivity to acknowledge success within a recruiting office, and we want to help you celebrate! Celebrating Successes aims to spotlight placements, new hires within your office, new business won, milestones in your career (certifications, business anniversaries, you just purchased your first office space, etc.), charitable organizations that you support/volunteer for, or any other significant win in your business or in life. If you have a success you’d like to celebrate, email it to us at

This article is part of a series called Ask Barb.
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