Text Recruiting Platform Canvas Introduces Personalized Avatars to Messaging

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Jul 24, 2018
Will Cheesman
My dad loves Bitmojis.

About a year ago, my 70-something year old father was introduced to Bitmojis, those animated images in text messages meant to look a little bit like the sender. He loves them. About every third message I get from him is a Bitmoji.

I personally don’t get the appeal, but they’re apparently a big deal.

That’s why it was just a matter of time before one of the text-recruiting platforms currently vying for your dollars introduced their own. Announced today, Canvas is integrating with Snap’s Bitmoji Kit. The company says the new featured enables recruiters and job candidates to express themselves with the popular stickers in a text messaging-based interview.

Canvas Bitmoji Example
Bitmojis can be integrated into the Canvas platform like this.

Canvas is the first HR tech platform to integrate Bitmojis personalized avatars, which they believe adds depth and personality to texting interviews and conversations with candidates and prospects.

͞People are using avatars to communicate everywhere — at work, in life, and even in texts with coworkers and friends. Now, job seekers can expect to get personalized avatars from the next person interviewing them, said Aman Brar, CEO of Canvas. “Canvas enables recruiters to humanize the screening process for candidates by allowing them to chat seamlessly back and forth via text, and the new Bitmoji integration takes personalization one step further.”

Snap launched the Bitmoji Kit api a few weeks back. it invited Canvas to integrate prior to the public release. Bitmoji avatars are primarily used in the Canvas application. Job seekers can also access the Bitmoji avatars just as they do today in apps like iMessage, Android, Google Chrome, and Snap. Canvas isn’t creating a new catalog of Bitmoji; instead, it’s integrating with the current app.

“Snap Kit brings the Snapchat experiences you love into some of your favorite apps, without compromising your private account data,” said Jacob Andreou, vice president of product for Snap Inc. “The Canvas integration with Bitmoji Kit is unique in that the company is the first to use the platform specifically to inject more personality into the job interview process.”

“It’s like an ATS API integration, except with Snap Inc. for recruiter Bitmoji,” explained Brar.

Bitmoji was the No. 1 downloaded Apple iOS app in 2017. Canvas plans to launch Bitmoji Kit web API integration in the next quarter.