Boost Your Military Recruiting Efforts With 2 Simple Ingredients: Passion and Momentum

Mar 4, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.29.07 AMThe single-most impactful thing you can do to boost your military hiring efforts in 2015 is not a new technology or tool, not a pay-per-click service, or specialized candidate database. This strategy is budget friendly and team-focused.

The answer: search for and identify one person in your organization that is off-the-charts passionate about military and veteran-related issues. Then inspire, influence and persuade them to be your new project lead.

A heartfelt initiative like military and veteran hiring must blend some key components, including inspiring others into action, sharing best practices, and working as a team across departments. Whether you have a small crew of recruiters or a large department of specialists, think beyond “recruiting and talent acquisition” to have a successful veteran program. By naming a project lead who is energetic, empathetic, and already committed to the cause, you will jump-start the momentum of your program from the time of inception.

The path to award-winning results begins with someone who has heart in the matter, can quickly gain support of others with their energy, and add a spark of creativity. Find a passionate project lead first and you’ll be powerfully on your way towards your goal.

Take a moment to reflect on your current team. Who is full of heart? Who is deeply connected to the mission and values of your organization? Who has volunteered to participate in outreach programs, career fairs, or diversity events in the past? This may be a tenured employee or possibly a new hire. Keep in mind that you may need to look beyond the human resources department to find the most passionate advocate. Instead of targeting a subject matter expert, identify a project lead who is enthusiastic, trusted and committed to your mission.

As a next step, organize a strategy session with your project lead, and together brainstorm a roster of all the employees, internal resources, and departments that you could pull together as a project team. Building a solid team is top priority, so include employees with a variety of backgrounds and experiences that represent multiple departments (ideally 5-10 employees total).

Include service men and women who are active duty, guard, reserve, or veteran status, as their experience, support and input is invaluable. A passionate project lead, partnered with the momentum of a strategic team, will yield an abundance of energy and ideas that will kickstart your military and veteran initiative.