Best of ERE: Top 5 Interviewing Stories of 2020

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Dec 30, 2020

Interviewing will always be a core recruiting skill — not matter what some AI evangelists tell you. It will also always be a struggle for recruiters as they grapple with imperfect hiring processes.

Still, that doesn’t mean we should all just shrug our shoulders and accept the status quo.

Great candidates and great recruiters love interviews — but only when they don’t feel like interviews. So actually, perhaps it’s not interviewing that will forever be a main competency in recruiting. Maybe it’s simply the ability to have human conversations.

Here are some of ERE’s top stories from the past year the subject.

The Most Taboo Topic in the Hiring Process

Smart Interview Questions That Are Actually Stupid

One. That’s How Many Interviews You Need to Hire the Right Candidate.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Didn’t Want to Be Interviewed by Me — at First

Are Your Interview Questions Alienating Candidates?

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