Best of ERE: Top 5 Diversity Hiring Stories of 2022

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Dec 28, 2022

Remember how in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement, it seemed like every organization was talking about the importance of diversity?

What happened?

Predictably, diversity and inclusion is no longer getting as much play, even though it’s no less critical.

This is why I hate it when consultants and various critics use the phrase “now more than ever” to tout the urgency of improving diversity hiring (or reference most initiatives, for that matter). It’s a phrase that implies that it was less important in the past, and that it could be less important in the future.

Diversity hiring is always important. With that in mind, check out 2022’s top diversity hiring articles.

The Link Between Pay Transparency and Diversity

The Recruiting of Refugees

The Challenge of Hiring for Teamwork

New Anti-Bias-in-Hiring Law Delayed in NYC

The Deprioritization of Diversity and Its Impact on Hiring

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