Best Hire Ever: Former GE & Pepsi Leader Shares Thoughts on Talent

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Mar 29, 2021
This article is part of a series called Podcasts.

In Episode 31 of Best Hire EverKris Dunn talks to HR leader Reggie Stover (Cleveland Clinic, GE, Pepsi) and digs in on Reggie’s views of building TA/recruiting, building relationships as an HR leader with leadership-team peers, and the impact of L&D and being good at onboarding when it comes to retention. KD calls the upset for Reggie’s daughter in the NCAA Women’s tourney (look it up1), and Reggie shares his top two picks for the NBA Championship in 2021.

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Show Highlights

Quick Hits With Reggie:

3:15 – Reggies’s favorite thing about Cleveland — non-sports related.

5:09 – What was the dominant force that made Reggie switch from an early sales career into talent/HR? We all fell into it! Reggie shares a mentor that helped him see a potential career in the world of HR.

9:18 – KD asks Reggie to share the biggest thing he learned in the army that he still uses today in his HR career? #listening skills

12:20 – KD asks the tough questions! Including asking Reggie to name the last streaming series he and Mrs. Stover agreed to watch together? “The Office” FTW!

13:51 – Reggie has three kids who hoop (two in college and one in high school). When two or all three of his kids are playing basketball at the same time, how does he decide whom to watch live? KD called Reggie’s daughter getting the upset in the NCAA’s! (Wright State over Arkansas!)

And 5 Bigger HR and Recruiting Themes:

17:23 – KD notes that Reggie has  an unbelievable background as a CHRO – and he still believes “talent still wins.” Why is that still a mantra for him?

24:58 – Reggie shares what is usually the biggest challenge for him as a CHRO when he’s joined a company and has to figure out what’s going on in recruiting/talent acquisition?

30:22 – KD asks Reggie for the key for a CHRO to become an informal executive coach – not only for the CEO but for their peers across the leadership team?

37:03 – Reggie has worked for some great brands with decent L&D budgets. In his experience, what type of people-development spend has the great ROI? Why is that?

42:26 – KD asks Reggie to describe his view of the most important activity that can occur in the onboarding process? How can you make sure that happens in a sustainable way as a CHRO?

47:27 – KD and Reggie can’t help themselves and end the pod by talking about their top two favorites to win the championship in the NBA this year!

This article is part of a series called Podcasts.
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