Best Hire Ever: Breaking Down the Pandemic’s Impact on Recruiting

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Mar 9, 2021
This article is part of a series called COVID-19 Coverage.

In Episode 29 of Best Hire Ever, Kris Dunn talks to long time friend Doug Dean, CHRO of Children’s of Alabama. Doug and KD have a deep conversation about Doug’s views of how recruiting, the workplace, and leadership has changed during the pandemic, as well as what the future might hold in each area. Auburn football is also discussed (of course!).

So many great thoughts from Doug in this one. If you’re looking for an HR leader that seamlessly navigates being strategic and accessible at the same time, Doug is your match!

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Show Highlights

Quick Hitters

7:30- What’s Doug Dean’s favorite HR tech? Either for himself or for his HR team? Rewards and recognition is on Doug’s mind!

9:05 – Over/Under – 5 years for the new Auburn football coach? Doug says the glass is half full! (Note: Both Doug and KD are season ticket holders at Auburn.)

12:58 – KD asks Doug for his thoughts on the keys to achieving a high vaccination rate in an employee population.

16:10 – Doug confirms how many times the pandemic rescheduled his daughter’s wedding. Yikes!

19:45 – Weirdest workplace moment during the pandemic that made Doug understand the gravity of the situation during COVID.

Deeper Dives

22:40 – KD asks Doug for his view of candidate movement post-recession vs post-COVID. How will a candidate’s willingness to change employers be the same; how will it be different? Doug and KD discuss the tradeoffs of lower turnover and lower movement overall across the best candidates.

29:09 – Doug and KD discuss what’s changed about recruiting during Covid. Are candidates looking for something different once they hear, “All clear?” Purpose of work is discussed.

32:58 – KD asks Doug for deep thoughts: What has changed forever inside our workplaces as a result of Covid? Doug discusses his view of tradeoffs of doing virtual work with his leadership team — what works and what doesn’t.

37:14 – Doug and KD flip that question and discuss what we are collectively over-interpreting related to the impacts of the pandemic on the world of work?

40:30 – Doug shares the shifts in leadership styles or approaches that are called for in order not to lose effectiveness in our digital/virtual or post-Covid world. Doug breaks down the need for leaders at all levels to evolve from the “one size fits all” world view and redefine the definition of fairness post-Covid.

43:28 – KD closes it out by asking Doug who is his Best Hire Ever? Doug talks about the collective profile of his leadership team, as well as the best hire he did not make!

This article is part of a series called COVID-19 Coverage.
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