Be Fair WIth Your Recruiting Vendors

May 12, 2015

resumes flyingI work with many clients who are overwhelmed with a schedule that they have lost control over.

They are interviewing people every 30 minutes (or less), speaking with hiring managers, chasing those same hiring managers, evaluating, assessing, qualifying potential hires, putting together and extending job offers, checking references PLUS talking to 3rd party recruiters who are incompetent to evaluate talent (this is what they tell me).

It never ends. Every day.

When I qualify job applicants, I ask them where they have been on interviews, and where they have submitted their resume before submitting it to a client.

Recently, more and more companies tell me, “He’s in our system.”

Let me be blunt.

I understand that sometimes a candidate doesn’t tell me the truth or forgets a place or two, but when you start to notice that the client has not contacted the candidate until I attempted to present them, I can see what is going on.

A firm has a contract with a job board and is harvesting resumes and having them input into their system. Or people are sending resumes and no one looks at the database until a third party recruiter “tickles” them, at which point they actually see the resume for the first time, claim ownership and contact the candidate.

I understand that you are stretched thin but this is wrong.

Be honest and don’t cheat people.

If you have too much to do, hire a contract recruiter to review everything that arrives in your database daily. Or hire a firm like mine to review resumes you source or collect from other means, and either identify possible fits based upon a basic screen, or accept a discounted fee for referring someone who is hired that comes from your database (like having a captive agency working with your database).

Being fair will allow you to improve your job to hire ratios and get more jobs off your desk which, with a recovering economy and labor shortages,  will become more important over the next 12-24 months.

© 2010, 2015 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter Asheville, NC