Barb Bruno’s 4 Month Time Management Plan

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Sep 9, 2015
This article is part of a series called Ask Barb.

Dear Barbara:

At the last TSA (TechServe Alliance) Conference, you advised me to cover my orders until I scheduled two to three candidates on the final interview on every order I work. As a result, I’ve just had the best quarter of my five years in this business.

My greatest challenge is time management. My day just slips away from me, and I constantly find myself switching gears. How can I manage time better when every phone call seems to change my priorities throughout the day?

Michael F., San Jose, CA

Every Night, Plan the Next Day

Dear Michael:

Focus on the 20% of your actions that provides you with 80% of your results. In order to accomplish this, you must plan 100% of the outgoing calls you will complete the following day. If urgent things distract you, it is easier to get back on track when you have a written plan.

If you are not a planner, it is too difficult to become a planner overnight. I would advise you to implement step one starting tomorrow. Before you leave work tonight write down the six things closest to the money that you commit to completing the following day. You don’t leave work until you have achieved the six actions listed.

The following month, plan a minimum of 25% of your outgoing calls. In addition, list your six priorities closest to the money. The next month 50% and so on until you plan 100% of your outgoing calls and list the top six priorities closest to the money.

Control your destiny and income by your planned outgoing calls, not incoming calls. Incoming calls often represent the priorities of others, not yours.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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This article is part of a series called Ask Barb.
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