Ask Barb: Never Stop Marketing

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Jan 18, 2012

Dear Barb:

I am relatively new to the recruiting business. I am finding no problems obtaining good search assignments. Every training resource that I have used says to never stop marketing. I don’t understand the benefit to continue marketing when you have enough job orders to work. I think it will hurt my reputation to write job orders that I can’t fill. In fact, I would rather focus on fewer searches, than write more that I can’t even work on.

Don T., Bloomington, IN

Dear Don:

Your best client could be someone you haven’t even spoken to yet. This is why you need to continue to market throughout your career. You also need to represent the hot companies in your area of specialization, which continually change, especially in a candidate driven market. Ask every candidate to name the top five companies they respect and you will identify the hot companies. If you are marketing a candidate daily to these hot companies you will attract the new clients you need to represent.

It is not wise to generate 75% of your income from less than five clients. If two or three of them don’t hire, it is very difficult to develop immediate relationships with new clients who have never heard of you.

When you are working a search, make sure to provide a weekly update on your progress to your clients by calling them vs. sending an email. Often these conversations lead to slight adjustments that will help you fill your search. It also lets your client know you are working on their behalf.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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