Ask Barb: Metrics For New Hires

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Jul 18, 2012

Dear Barb:

Would you be willing to share the metrics you use for new hires? I have not hired someone new in over two years and I’m not sure what minimum standards to implement. I plan to use your tutor to train them, but I need to understand metrics.

I know your average fee is around $25,000 which is our average as well. That is why I feel the metrics you use will work for my business. If this is confidential information, can you give me some kind of range? Also, what should I pay a new person with no recruiting experience?

Frank T., Louisville, KY

Dear Frank:

I’d be glad to share our metrics with you. We feel it is important to implement minimum standards and hold new hires accountable so they form strong work habits. We want them to realize their job is to get candidates in front of hiring authorities. I also want you to understand we start all new hires on the candidate side of the placement process working the hottest orders in house.

First Quarter Metrics:

20                                Connects Daily
50                                Calls daily or whatever it takes to make 20 connects
3 – 4 hours                Phone time
5                                  Resume submits per week                   first month
7                                  Resume submits per week                   second month
10                                Resume submits per week                   third month
2                                  Send-outs per week                             first month
3                                  Send-outs per week                             second month
4                                  Send-outs per week                             third month
1                                  Direct Placement                                 first month
1                                  Direct Placement                                 second month
2                                  Direct Placements                                third month

After keeping their stats we determine their individual ratios. In the second quarter, we provide them with their ratios and set minimum result standards that will result in them achieving the income goals we have mutually set.

Metrics change depending on your average fee, length of hiring process, etc. but this can provide you with a guideline.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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